D&AD Hotel Indigo

Aim: To encapsulate the essence of one of the Hotel Indigo hotel locations through illustration; chosen location was their Barcelona hotel. 


Outcome: Barcelona’s culture comes through the architecture and the people that are the neighbourhood. Many tourists visit Barcelona for it’s architecture which is why this is the key focus for the illustrations. 


The postcards are windows of Barcelona, they are the windows to the city. Putting the windows together to create the neighbourhood. Postcards are a way of taking a part of the city away with you as a token from your visit. 


The scene looks at bringing the city together as a whole, showing off Barcelona’s culture (drinking, bike rides, football, architecture...). Humans are the neighbourhood which is why they are seen integrated into the scene, fully immersing themselves in the city. Each human is individual with their own story to tell but together they make up the city.